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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nevada Condo Insurance h06 insurance, ho6 insurance

Nevada Condo Insurance (Nevada h06/ho6 insurance)
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Nevada Condo Insurance (ho6 insurance/h06 insurance) buyers need look no further than Stratum Insurance Agency for their insurance needs. Condo buyers obtaining their mortgages are finding that they are often required to purchase condo-unit owners insurance, known as a H06 (ho6) Insurance policy.

Condominium insurance is also sometimes referred to as
  • h06 insurance or ho6 insurance
  • walls-in coverage or walls in coverage.
  • condo interior coverage

Because many homeowners association master insurance policies only cover the rebuilding of exterior structures and not the interiors. It is crucial to purchase the right coverages for your condominium. H06/HO6 policies offer much more coverage than just protection for your personal property, it is key to purchase an adequate amount of dwelling coverage, personal liability coverage, and loss of use.

Stratum sells condo insurance form many usage types, including:
  • Owner Occupied Condo Insurance
  • Vacation Rental Condo Insurance
  • Vacant Condo Insurance
  • Seasonal Rental Condo Insurance
  • Landlord Condo Insurance (income properties)

Current Nevada condo owners with insurance, especially those who have not reviewed their coverage in some time, should use this opportunity to review their condominium owners insurance and make sure that they have the appropriate coverages in place. With increased rebuilding costs, it is important to have the right amount of dwelling coverage for your home and other structures.

Nevada homeowners insurance and Nevada Condo owners insurance policies offer many coverages of which policyholders are not aware. Some of these coverage options may include:
  • additions an alterations coverage (also know as Coverage A, for the interior of the dwelling)
  • identity theft coverage,
  • water backup coverage, 
  • personal injury coverage

If you are a new buyer, contact Stratum Insurance Agency before closing your loan so that they can help you compare rates and coverage options. Escrow billing is available for new buyers who want to pay for their insurance from at their loan closing or through an impound account.

Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC is able to compare price and coverage combination from different insurance companies to help clients find a product that meets their needs. The agency is licensed in over 30 states.

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