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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arizona Landlord Insurance - Arizona Fire Insurance

Arizona Landlord Insurance - Arizona Fire Insurance

Arizona Landlords and homeowners are invited by Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC to call for an insurance quote. Many property owners do not realize that their homes are underinsured until it is too late. Updating your insurance is important to have the appropriate amount of coverage. With constantly changing fuel and building material prices, rebuilding a home after a loss may be much more expensive than in the past. It is important to have the right amount of insurance for your rental property. When getting a new quote, it is also a great opportunity to look at the many additional coverages that can be added, often for a small cost.

Stratum Insurance Agency can help to explain the various coverages. Take a moment to review your current policy and see if you have:

- Extended Replacement Cost
- Personal Injury Coverage
- Water Backup Coverage (Sewers and Drains)
- Coverage for Satellites and Antennas
- Landlord Package (if applicable)
- Equipment Breadown Coverage
- and more...

Call today, 623-691-7900, for a free review of your current policy and to compare new policies.

By comparing the rates of different insurance carriers, the agency is able to help clients shop for a good balance of price and coverage.

Phone: 623-691-7900


Arizona Traditional Site Built Home Landlord Insurance Quote:

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Arizona Homeowners Insurance Quote (owner occupied):

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